Criminal Law

Being accused of even a minor crime can be frightening. Criminal convictions can follow you around for a lifetime and can result in serious fines and jail time. This is why it is so important to contact a criminal defense lawyer as soon as you can after being arrested or accused of a crime. You want to get started building a defense now if you hope to effectively fight your charges.

The Benefits Of A Criminal Lawyer

Our firm primarily handles misdemeanors, crimes that are typically defined by a maximum sentence of less than a year in jail. While the name does not sound as intimidating as a felony, the fact is that a year behind bars is something to be avoided at all costs. You do not want to suffer in jail or pay substantial fines, much less be branded as a criminal if you can help it.

Our criminal defense lawyers may be able to help you avoid the worst of these punishments. With a focus on solid preparation and an ability to litigate effectively, we have a proven ability to successfully defend clients from criminal charges. It is not always possible to avoid charges and their consequences completely, but we may be able to get your charges reduced.

Affordable Criminal Defense

Some people make the mistake of assuming that a criminal defense attorney is too expensive or out of reach, but this is not the case. Our firm believes that every person is entitled to a skilled legal defense. This is why we price our services affordably for everyday people and provide the possibility of payment plans for some clients. We want to help you fight your charges and will work with you to make that possible.

Our firm has worked with clients in New Hampshire, Manchester, Rockingham County, Hillsborough County and Coos County. We have strong ties in the area and are interested in assisting our neighbors in fighting misdemeanor charges whenever we can.

If you have been arrested or charged with a crime, please call our firm as soon as you can. We are ready to help.