Family Law

Divorce is an emotional process. This is true whether you and your spouse both agree on everything or on absolutely nothing. One of the most important relationships in your life is ending and there is no way to avoid some level of pain. As hard as these situations are, though, you must remain focused on taking care of what is important. Our firm can help you through this, providing an experienced divorce attorney and the guidance that only a lawyer can.

The Challenges Of Family Law

The fact that you and your spouse are ending your marriage means that you must determine how to separate your lives – including property, money and children. If you are lucky the process will involve levelheaded discussion and reasonable agreements between both parties. In that case you can filing for divorce at In this case the help of an attorney can facilitate the divorce and ensure that your interests are protected.

For many couples things do not go this easy. There is usually one or more things that agreement can not be reached on, sticking points that can make one party dig in his or her heels and refuse to budge. When this happens, litigation is often your only option. You need someone on your side that is not afraid to enter the courtroom and fight for your side.

Our firm has helped numerous individuals in similar situations and we know what it takes to prepare and litigate a successful divorce case. We will put this experience to work for you and make certain that all that can be done is done. With tenacity and a little luck, we can often achieve your goals.

Guardianship, Child Support And Parenting Plans

Some of the most common family law cases we take on involve issues of child custody, child support and parenting plans. If you are certain that you are the best person to raise your children, we will fight tirelessly to see that you are able to. If the court decides against you, we can still argue effectively for reasonable child support and visitation rights.

We Are Your Advocate

Having helped many people through divorce in New Hampshire, Manchester, Rockingham County,Hillsborough County and Coos County, we are prepared to assist you in whatever family law situation you need help with. The sooner we begin working on your divorce or family law case, the better chance we have of success.

If you are considering or in the middle of divorce and need legal counsel, please contact our firm as soon as you can. We are standing by to advocate for you.